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     “Toshiro Hitsugaya…” A young, fifteen-year-old, black-haired girl sighed as she looked out the window. “I wonder when I get to wear that kimono. I mean, I have power too, right? Okay, maybe not as much as Ichi-nii, but I want… to...” she trailed off as an image of a boy appeared in her mind’s eye. He wore a black kimono with a white jacket over it, emblazoned with the number ten. His hair was a soft, white, spiky type, and his eyes were a beautiful sea-green teal.

     “Ugh, Karin, get a grip girl. That guy isn’t going to come back. After all, he was here to defend Karakura Town only from really bad Hollows. And you know that he left years ago,” she berated herself. It didn’t stop her wishing he would come back, but… she couldn’t help it. Karin wanted to play soccer with him again, and after that she wanted to eat ice cream with him.

     “It doesn’t stop me from wanting to fight alongside him,” she whispered to herself. “I want to fight on my own, not have anyone protect me.” Then she humphed to herself. “And it isn’t my fault he’s so handsome!”

     A voice laughed behind her. “So I’m handsome and you’re mad?” Karin gasped and turned to find Toshiro sitting right next to her. “Hello Karin.”

     Karin turned scarlet. “You! What are you doing in my room, let alone my house?!” she cried, attempting to kick him. Hey, kicking is hard to do on a bed. He easily jumped away, but not before she made some contact on his shin.

     “And,” he retorted, wincing slightly as he fingered the tender skin, “is kicking people your immediate reaction?”

     “Well, yeah, if there’s a guy on my bed, and especially if he’s on it without my permission. Or knowledge.” Then she began to blush as the thought dawned upon her that she had no idea how long he’d been there. “What, exactly, did you hear?” she demanded.

     Toshiro shrugged. “Something about wanting to fight alongside me. And also wanting to wear the clothes that shinigami wear.”

     Karin blushed harder as she realized that he had heard nearly the entire conversation. In fact, he probably heard all of it, but he just didn’t want to tell her that. Inwardly she moaned. She didn’t want to come across as a girly sort of girl; she liked being referred to as a tomboy. No, she wasn’t at all like Yuzu or the girls on her soccer team. “Well, anyway, what are you doing here? Is Karakura Town in danger from really bad Hollows again?”

     “No,” he said simply.

     They stared at each other for several moments before Karin broke the silence. “Then why are you here? I didn’t do anything bad did I?”

     Toshiro broke his composure. “I came here to see you, you idiot!” he snapped in an annoyed tone. As soon as the words left his mouth he looked like he hadn’t meant to say that at all.

     “You… you did? But why? Surely an elite guy like you has other stuff to do.” I mean, I’m only a human girl that is sister to a shinigami representative and can see Hollows. I can’t do anything special at all. Not like Orihime-nee-chan.

     “If you mean that I should be doing paperwork rather than visiting you, then I honestly wonder what your priorities are.”

     “That’s all you do?” she asked, perplexed. She then realized that she hadn’t asked him if he wanted anything to drink, he was still on her bed, and they were awfully close. “Do you want something to drink Toshiro?” she quickly asked, hoping that he’d overlook her inhospitality.

     “If that’s all right with you,” he said politely, sliding off her bed and standing. As she led the way out of her and Yuzu’s room, he said, “No, that’s not all we captains do. But it’s a lot of what we do.”

     “You’ll have to tell me all about it,” she said brightly as they reached the kitchen. She then laughed. “I’m sorry, but I am not the best at making tea. That sort of stuff is left for my sister.”

     “I see. Well, I’m sure I’ll be able to choke down whatever you make.” At that comment, Karin threw the teapot at him. He caught it easily and tossed it back at her. “Do you intend to seriously injure me today?”

     “Yes. Yes I do,” she muttered sarcastically.

     “You’re going to need to get a whole lot better at it then.”

     “Okay, fine, Mr. Hoity-Toity. I’ll be really strong one day, and you’ll seriously regret ever telling me that.”

     Toshiro smirked. “I’d like to see you try to defeat me, a captain of the Gotei 13.” And a boy genius to boot, he added in his head.

     “Lessee, my brother Ichigo Kurosaki defeated that captain Kenpachi Zaraki his first try, and almost without shikai. If he can defeat a really strong shinigami while trying to rescue a friend and in a hurry, then I can defeat you in an easy one-on-one combat. Seriously, you underestimate me.” By now the tea was ready. She poured two cups and handed one to him.

     “You said you came because you missed me. There’s a real reason, isn’t there?” she asked, sitting down and sipping her tea.

     “Yes.” He sighed. Right now, he really hated Captain-Commander Yamamoto. It seriously wasn’t fair that he had to do this. Honestly! Trying to force this out of her could end up with her dead.

     “Well? Are you going to sit there, staring at your tea, or are you going to tell me what it is?” Karin demanded. Seeing him so quiet was not unusual, but she felt somewhat uneasy about it.

     Toshiro stood up. “I suggest we go somewhere more open. We’ll need lots of room.”

     Karin stared at him. That wasn’t exactly answering her question. “Hey, Toshiro, you’re not answering my question. What is it? Is my brother in trouble with the Soul Society?”

     At the mention of her brother Toshiro smirked somewhat. “No. He’s being a good shinigami representative. It’s because of you that I’m here.”

     Karin blinked in surprise. “M-me? Why me?I’ve only managed to defeat small fry Hollows, and I had Ururu and Jinta with me.”

     “I know. But this isn’t my choice. If it were up to me, I’d let your powers be. However, this is Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s order, and as such I must follow it.” Without waiting for her reply, he took her hand. “I will explain once we get somewhere with more room.” With that statement, he flash-stepped out of the house and towards the only open space he could recall that would be empty at this time of day- the soccer field.

     Karin looked around her. “Why the soccer field?” she asked, surprised.

     “Well, it seemed like the best place for this,” he muttered. With that, he popped a soul candy into his mouth and burst out of his gigai. Toshiro looked at his gigai, who nodded and ran off.

     Karin had watched with interest. “Why’d you send him away?”

     “Because this could be extremely dangerous,” Toshiro answered vaguely.

     “Huh?” was her intelligent reply.

     Toshiro sat and indicated for her to sit. She sat and watched him attentively. “Captain-Commander Yamamoto wants you to become a shinigami representative just like your brother,” he said simply.

     She stared at him. “But, that’s impossible. No way. I thought you had to be dead to become a shinigami.”

     “Well, seeing as your brother is obviously alive, you’re wrong. There is a way to become a shinigami without dying. But like I said, it’s really dangerous.” He unsheathed his zanpakto. “It is for a human to thrust a shinigami’s zanpakto through their heart and at the same time for the shinigami to pour some of their power into the human.”

     Karin’s jaw dropped. “That’s how Ichi-nii became a shinigami? Incredible!” She jumped up throwing her fist in the air.

     Toshiro looked up at her, shocked. “You’re all right with that? Seriously?”

     “Well, no, but, I’m being ordered to, aren’t I? So I can’t go against an order.” She calmed down somewhat. “However, what I want to know is, why me? Isn’t Ichi-nii enough? I know he’s in college and all, but it’s not likely he’s going to move away. And you have enough shinigami to patrol the area in case a Hollow shows up, don’t you?”

     “I’ve been asking that myself. I think the reason is because you’re Kurosaki’s sister and therefore would be a good addition to the shinigami ranks. We wouldn’t have to patrol here because you’d be here, we’d have fewer casualties that way, when you actually die you’ll immediately be added to a squad, that sort of thing. They… ordered me to… do this because…” he was unusually struggling with this it seemed, “I know you best. Personally, I mean. Kuchiki fears that if she does this again she’ll lose her powers all over again. It’d be stupid to try to force Kurosaki to do it, because you’re his sister and he doesn’t know how to control his spiritual pressure in the first place.” He held his zanpakto out to her chest. “Do you want to become a shinigami representative Karin Kurosaki?” he asked solemnly.

     She grasped it with both hands. Her face looked serious. “Yes. I want to become a shinigami representative.” Karin then thrust the blade through her heart.
Heeeeey everyone. This is my first submission in a while. Yeah, sorry.

Anyway, it feels rushed and somewhat OOC- the way I write. XD DEAL WITH IT.


It is a HitsuKarin fanfic- don't flame the pairing please!

To make things simple- Orihime and Ichigo are going to the same college with Chad and Uryuu. Karin isn't well aware of the other guys' names. Therefore, she refers to things about college as Orihime and Ichigo. She also doesn't know the extent of Rukia's powers, but I'd like to think that she would know something about Orihime's. Make up some amazing story if you want. I AM A FAN OF ICHIHIME. But I do NOT plan on putting it anywhere into this story. If I did, Lenna wouldn't read it anymore. D:

She asked me why I liked IchiHime so much and when I explained (I think it's a sweet couple- they want to protect each other so much), I asked her why she liked IchiRuki so much (all that arguing can't be healthy in my honest opinion). What did she do? Lenna merely replies with "Because it's awesome!" D: Oh, so I have to explain but she doesn't? I still don't know why she likes that couple! Oh well... *shakes head*

Anyway, I am very proud of this fanfic. I went through and edited stuff five times. ^^ Some pages more than others, true, but still. Five times.

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And, um, yeah. XD I've never heard of someone liking IchiRenji, but y'know, things do tend to surprise me.
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Yeah, I can tell.

Hahahahahahaha does she really do that? XDDDD

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It probably does. XD For Naruto, there's even a TobixTayuya pairing! XDDDDD

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